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Luft - Life is a collection of experiences (work in progress)



It was the filmmaker Alice Guy Blaché, the first one in making use of backward movements in cinema, pointing out that cinema was a metaphor of the longed for return to the back vital. Irene Cruz’s practice is poetic, because time does not wind back, or we thought it did not wind back, unless we go out to the hyperspace. It encloses the simple fall of a book page[1], the opposite tale to life that passes, that is reread, definitely a memory tale. 

It is an activity of the memory that makes us go backwards, revive the past, give it a non-linear order and interpret the jumps around and its whims.


Irene Cruz constructs her book before destroyed and feeds her positive and minimal vision, recovering the lessons that Mastuo Basho gives to his disciple in order to construct a haiku: “do not say that tearing off the wings of a dragonfly you will have a red stamen, add wings to the red stamen and you will have a dragonfly”. Irene is constructing a vital book in an unreal time.

The narrative reveals itself enigmatic, the daisy with its petals pulled off becomes itself again and the personal diary mends itself in order to start over again: action, destruction, past, reconstruction, reincarnation and back to the beginning. Irene’s video sets out the loop of life, the looping recreation of an ephemeral existence, Irene presents a tiny and effective statement of the eternal return, of an atomism of beauty as well, of the instinct of preservation of words and of her own language and vital knowledge. 


Fernando García Malmierca (Curator)

Life is a collection of experiences, is a mystery to be lived. (Part 1)

Artist: Irene Cruz
Berlin, 2015
Camera Operator: José Cano Correa
Music: "Luft" by Sound Awakener (Nhung Nguyễn)

Life is a collection of experiences, is a mystery to be lived. (Part 2)

Artist: Irene Cruz
Berlin, 2015
Camera Operator: Lucía Zapata 
Music: "Luft" by Sound Awakener (Nhung Nguyễn)

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