Habitat. Body & Landscape Awareness


Edition 100 exemplars. Numbered / Signed / And if you want to: dedicated

Nicola Mariani (texts) + Irene Cruz (art + photography)


36 pages

ISBN: 978-84-606-5692-0


Photobook - Catalogue for the Irene Cruz's solo exhibition: Habitat: Body & Landscape Awareness. Newcastle Foundation. Curated by Nicola Mariani. March - April 2015.


“Habitat” is a photo-book created because of Irene Cruz’ solo exhibition at the Fundación Newcastle, in which the artist collaborates with the independent curator Nicola Mariani. Undoubtedly this new alliance paves a new path for Irene Cruz’ photography, since what is offered to us in this series is the perspective of an art critic. Although that is not the only thing that makes this selection of photographs unique, since is in this series where the artist includes, for the first time, a male figure inside a landscape which, until now, has been crowded by Irene’s muses and the artist herself. 



In this series the artist goes back to some thematic lines of argument already developed in previous cycles and she also introduces for the first time the presence of a male body.

Dramatizing poses almost sculptural, Cruz creates a tense equilibrium between human figures and natural elements; aesthetic suggestions and control of the techniques; descriptive realism and poetic idealism.


Nicola Mariani 

Book Presentation & Signings 


- Jäälphoto 2015 - 19th - 21st February 2015 - Mayerling Hotel - Arte a un click room (Madrid)

- SegoviaFoto 2015 - 28th February 2015 - Palacio de Quintanar - Asociación Fotográfica Segoviana - Segovia 

- FALA - Feria de Libros de Artista de Alicante 2015 - Grundkreuz Project - 6th - 8th March - Alicante

- PLURAL 15 - EFTI (Unonueve) 18 April 2015 - Madrid

- LUFT II - Galería O2 - 31 May 2015 - Madrid


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