Feelings - Issue #2


Edition 100 exemplars per number. Numbered / Signed / And if you want to: dedicated

Number #2: November 2014

4 Numbers Year (every 3 months)/ 100 copies each


Edited by Grundkreuz Art Editions




Photography + philosophy + poetry + illustration

“Feelings “ contains little photographic series that illustrate stories and reflexions about friendship and relationships.

Languages: Spanish + English

Translated by: Sara Bounajm

Art Direction by: Cecilia de Jorge Huerta

Models: Irene Cruz + Miren Aguirre


Every picture inside the book has not been published on Internet, except the cover and the back cover, and these pictures of the physical book on my website; the ones who acquire this little treasure will have something unique, which has only 100 copies in the world. Do not forget that it "Feelings"  is not only a photobook, it is thought to be an artistic object by itself. It combines different papers and styles.



"Under the title “Feelings” we can find an artist book that gathers the authors Irene Cruz, Jose Antonio Vallejo and Nuria García. The construction of a trialogue story where three different types of narrative, photography, texts and drawings, converge complementing each other in perfect harmony. This is an introspective story about the search of one’s identity, the emotional significance and interpersonal relationships"



Nuria García (Writer + Blogger)







“A game of feelings”, says Nuria. “A battle won if do not surrender.”


I approached Feelings as one who dares to try a new flavor of a new recipe made out of well know ingredients, buy knowing the final result. Because that is what the book Feelings meant to me: an unknown surprise hidden in the combination of three elements that are familiar to me, Nuria, Irene y José Antonio, and the complexity of trying to understand a title that had already raised a conflict to me, that double meaning when translating it into Spanish, between “sentimientos” and “sensaciones”.


Of all three of them, the one I was more familiar with was Irene and her photography, her proyects Urlaub, Stimmel, Blumen, with which Feelings has so much in common. Since I first knew her work, the ambiguous dusk/dawn light, the cold blueish color, the paradox in the relation between figure and landscape had always given me a sense of uneasiness in the silence, the doubt and the pause, uneasiness in the omen, suspecting something we do not know but is happening, in the many hypotheses each image shows. The universe in her photographs seemed to me more emotional than physical, and I approached them with my feelings on guard. But this time it would be different.


I knew Nuria’s writings, her pen, the typing of her fingers, form the contents, debates, reflections about art, culture and communication she shares in her blog, in her social media profiles and in the many activities on cultural management that she runs. I knew her curatorial texts, her articles, the way she analyses situations and comes to conclusions, her particular way of seeing art in everywhere. But I had never come across this intimate and subtle format in her prose, and therefore, things would change here too.


And finally, Vallejo was facing me with something I also knew well, his deep thoughts about human relations and about our own identity, which is evident in his project “my favorite toy”, and which is also materialized in this Carrollian ludic moment of tea in the forest, combining solitude and company. And the smell of tea and tree bark, and the warmth of a woolen coat gave way to feelings of belonging, sympathy, symbiosis.


And thus, in a way I had not noticed so far, the connection between these familiar, well known elements, not only showed a new unexpected and personal product, but changed my own point of view about all three of them separately. Surprisingly, when I watched Irene’s photographs while reading Nuria’s poetic pills, they brought to my mind the warmth in the contact of someone’s skin, the coolness of the water, the roughness of the dirt, the humidity in the air. Sensations, feelings that came to me through all my five senses, putting aside the emotions those same photographs hade recalled before. At the same time, those sensations became present also in Vallejo’s drawings and, most of all, in Nuria’s brief texts which, like a binder, gave meaning to the whole. Both sensations and emotions would combine and interact in Feelings. And to me, uneasy to show emotions, this mixture seemed to me the final new flavor I expected, sweet with friends, acid with surprise, warm and soft like the cup of tea we drink together every time we reencounter.


Marta Pérez Ibáñez





























Book Presentation & Signings 



  •  Jääl Project - Veo Arte Room- 21st - 22nd November 2014 - Madrid

  •  Dispara Art Gallery + Photobook Shop. 21st - 22nd November - Santiago de Compostela

  • Cuarto Público Emergent Art Fair - Ingenio IC Stand - Curated Rooms (by Nuria García) - 28th -30th November - Santiago de Compostela

  • LUFT. 1st Photobook Fair in Madrid. Gallery O2 - 13th December - Madrid

  • Art & Breakfast. Art Fair - Room Mate Larios. 23rd - 25th January - Málaga

  • "What Dreams Are Made Of" - The Ballery - Solo Exhibition - 6th - 16th February - Berlin

  • JäälPhoto - Arte a un Click Room - 19th - 21st February



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