Equus - Issue #3


Edition 100 exemplars per number. Numbered / Signed 

Number #3: February 2015

4 Numbers Year (every 3 months)/ 100 copies each



Edited by Grundkreuz Art Editions


ISBN 978-84-606-5835-1


Photographs by Irene Cruz 

Collages: Annitaklimt

Poems: Carmen Juan

Translation: Sara Bounajm

Art Direction: Cecilia de Jorge

Languages: English + Spanish

Format: 16 x 23 cm closed / 32 x 23 cm opened

It has 32 pages - 4/4 colour inks - Pasted finishing




Nice scenarios, private and intimist light, linked up poetry, Equus, unavoidable connection, sought dialogue, assembled feelings, delicate strength, search and encounter. Equine fidelity, human tenderness or the other way around? Loud heartbeats that discover you where you perfectly fit.

Equus, pages full of grace and mastery where the visual beauty of photography and collage joint together with the subtleness of poetry, pages for letting yourself be carried away, looking for yourself in those images, in its words, who knows if finding yourself, crouched, ready to go, to live, to feel. 

Mila Abadía (blogger)




In the photo-book “Equus”, the photography interwines with the verses of Carmen Juan- last year winner of the 7th “Pablo García Baena” Young Poetry Award- who has dialogued with Irene Cruz’ artwork in order to create her verses, in words of the poetess herself: “In latin, equus means horse, nevertheless, throughout this pages it also means spirit and animality and wildness and home. Together with photographs, verses and volatile cuttings we tell a story in which beast is love and vice versa.” And more over, these two arts were joined by the collages by the artist Annitaklimt, who has confirmed how this project could bring them together with the purpose of drinking the ones from the others, in words of Annitaklimt herself: “Working with them is a synonym of doing something very special”.


Sara Bounajm (writer)





Book Presentation & Signings 


- Jäälphoto 2015 - 19th - 21st February 2015

  Mayerling Hotel - Arte a un click room (Madrid)


- SegoviaFoto 2015 - 28th February 2015 -

  Palacio de Quintanar

  Asociación Fotográfica Segoviana (Segovia) 


- FALA - Feria de Libros de Artista de Alicante 2015

  Grundkreuz Project - 6th - 8th March 2015 (Alicante)


- Feria Fotográfica de Autor

  Bariloche. 20 April 2015 - Argentina


- PLURAL 15 - EFTI (Unonueve) 18 April 2015 - (Madrid)



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