What I have to tell the world 


  Technical data:  Every picture of this series is produced in 30 x 30 cm. Hahnemühle.   



Every time I feel my skin breaking on metal it helps me be quiet, and quiet’s where I need to be. I've got scars on my skin, on my heart, on my soul… Reminding me of myself. Every time I feel alone and left forgotten, I have to believe in something, like angels to breathe. Every time I see my pain, beating in rhythm, I need to be silenced. In silence, where I hide my fear. You can see in my eyes, I can see in my reflection.


       Björk it is a tale told with emotions which speak about our vulnerability,  to which we leave ourselves open to, in certain circumstances. a fragility that leads  to not only courage but also a sacrifice, and with it the necessity of exposing ourselves without walls or defenses. There was only a little advance planning; it just came, naturally, as a portrait of a time of personal exploration and photography.

       The idea came when I discovered the meaning of the word "Björk", a typical tree of the Scandinavian forests which are characterized by its unique scar shape bark, which represent their history. To tell this story I wanted to create a simile between their scars and the ones on my own body. A way to tell my own story of life through visual poetry.

Irene Cruz

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