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The desire for shapes and boundaries

2013 - Summary



 "Stimmung" are internal inquiries of my reflection in the landscapes in which I integrate the body to create scenes fusing with the other elements of nature. The surreal shapes imitate body structures and contexts in which it is introduced in an intriguing way. Sometimes, the body gets into space and vice versa.

Aus heiterem Himmel

 It invites the audience to think about “the borders” that distinguish between fiction and reallity, casuality and casuality... The key of this project belongs to what is expressed in the English word “liminal”- referring either to take up a certain position at the very beginning of a process or being at both sides of a border or threshold at the same time. That is to say, to be between night and day, between calm and restlessness. However, it is not a limit. It is a road, a bridge to cross.



  Mär means "fairy tales" in German, a word that still exists, but is only remembered by a few.

Mär means sea, water, in my mother language (Spanish). Dreams and desires come together in a small very personal work in which the main elements are the naked body and fragility. It is a series of intimate images, between the camera and the subject, which makes the water softer... and harmonious forms.


  Vacation. Retreat and Recover. An anxiety of emptiness floods my artwork. The emptiness of bare trees, the uninhabited house, the cloudless sky of a cold and faint blue, the lonely road or the abandoned big wheel. It is a necessary emptiness which allows one to be emptied only to be fulfilled later one in order to recuperate. That is how I link together my reflection about vacation: “Vacation: from vacare: be unoccupied”. In ancient times it was also understood like that, as a retreat from the tumult of the city...




  At the dawn of this work (when it was not even a project) the picture of Altea appeared. A friend and a location. A landscape and a privacy. A photograph as a game and as a battle for the search of creativity. That is where it all began; that was the genesis of a long walk by friendship, a lot of women and landscapes. This game encoded so much literature that it appears that making use of the word was needed. Firstly, it was a friend who once again lighted the fire of words.  Then people from far and near, who shared this passion, who got captured by my pictures; they made the visual message of their own turning it into words.



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